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Whoever is travelling today by car or train has most certainly noticed one of the many gabion walls along the roadsides or railway lines. Mainly their purpose is to stabilise slopes or protect from noise. Contrary to the traditional type of walls, gabions, reinforced earth and earth bonded constructions are ideal building materials as they are inexpensive and very versatile in their use.

Using them is usually significantly cheaper than applying traditional construction methods.

From a decorative and ecological point of view gabions present ideal building materials. If the visible elevation is filled with natural stones from the region, recycling materials or building brick for example one can achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect for the whole project.

The chinks and hollow spaces of the gabion walls offer living space to many species. When used for riverbanks amphibians like to use the stone baskets as living space. Proper planting of the walls increases the ecological value considerably.

Gabions stand for a modern, ecological and economically sensible construction method that can hardly be improved upon.

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