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  Our product range »QUICKY« is very special. Basically, by using our Quicky gabions as ideal building material for embankments, slopes or noise protection walls, we make anything that can be constructed possible. High steep walls, walls with steps or vegetated slopes, these are no problem with our adaptable wire mesh grids. Quite a simple procedure: spread them out, join them, and backfill them and the job is done. The new Bezinal®2000 alloy of our wire mesh grids guarantees long-term safety as the life expectation of our products has now been doubled. And all of that at the same price as before! Make »QUICKY« the best choice for your building project.
Our wire mesh grids are available in different standard basket sizes. On customers’ requests or specifications we can of course manufacture special sizes and shapes as well as different mesh sizes. Furthermore if required we will be happy to offer supplementary geofibre webs, geogrids as well as waterproofing and erosion protection materials to further increase the functionality of our products. Please do not hesitate to ask, we will gladly advise you and explain our products in detail.
Product advantages:
  • low costs
  • short construction period
  • long life cycle
  • aesthetic
  • ecological
  • noise protection
  • emission protection
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