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Double durability





Now new:

with Bezinal®2000 coating alloy

  • improved protection from corrosion through special aluminium galvanisation
  • double durability compared with other mesh wire stone-filled gabions on the market
  • exclusively high quality standards on all of our products
  • same application and quality as all other gabions for slope stabilisation or for noise and view protection too.

Sample tender text for Quicky forte 2000
Sample tender text for Quicky light 2000
Sample tender text for Quicky soft 2000

We want to be better than the others. »Bezinal®2000« is for example a product of our high expectations regarding the quality standard. Together with our internationally operating partner BEKAERT we have developed a new type of metal alloy the properties of which will strike the headlines among experts.
For our products that simply means:

Double durability for exactly the same price.

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