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Looking good and being environmentally-friendly are two aspects which are of utmost importance to us. Therefore we use our expertise to build beautiful and practical things. For what people like takes its toll on the environment. Besides being really durable, gabions with their chinks and hollow spaces offer living space to varied species of plants and animals. It’s the same with our products used for river embankments.
Banks of streams and rivers which have been secured by gabions take no time to become refuge for amphibians and water plants. In our view renaturation and mesh wire baskets complement each other extremely well.

The same is the case for our »QUICKY-soft-« system. The combination of wire mesh mats and geofibres causes a completely tight layer of vegetation to appear in no time. Even the expert would have difficulties in recognising that this covering is a special earth bonded construction.
Motorway and railway embankments - an ideal area in which to use them.

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