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We offer only the best for our customers as far as this is possible. For this reason our wire mesh mats fulfil all valid international quality standards and norms.
Yet this is less than we want. Regular control and inspection by independent testing institutes guarantee for constant quality. There they test the mechanical and technological parameters of our products:

  • tensile strength
  • creep limit
  • elongation after fracture
  • node shear force
  • folding test
  • load capacity of the welded spots as well as
  • tensile strength of eyelets and
  • determination of tensile stress

these are all subjected to standard testing of our products. Equally high requirements for accuracy to dimensions, coating thickness, resistance to corrosion and other important parameters are expected by our claim for high quality. For instance we test the atmospheric corrosion of our wire mesh mats by permanently exposing them to the atmosphere on the island of Helgoland. What can withstand the constant salt air there is good enough for us. As our gabions are also used in water projects, for years now we have been testing their behaviour in waters. Our sample gabions out in the high waters of the river “Rote Weißeritz” have withstood many a flood.

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